Monday, May 19, 2008

While The Cat's Away...

This weekend was another crazy weekend for the family. On Friday night there was a fundraiser at Oolenoy for the mission team at my dad's church. Hot Dogs and Blue Grass. The kids played outside in the creek while we relaxed inside. My mom gave Maci Clare a cup of chocolate pudding. I guess in a grandma's world, chocolate pudding and 1 year olds are a great combination. What followed was a huge mess! Of course, I didn't have my camera. My friend took a picture with his cell phone but I haven't seen it. Anyway, it was a pretty relaxing Friday night for the start of a very busy weekend.
Saturday, the boys played their last baseball game. This was a great year with only one lost. Our team was really good this year. Jim and Zane had a Cub Scout family camp out on Saturday night. They had to be registered by 1pm. So we rushed to McDonald's (for about the 4th time this week). Jack decided he would like to try camping for himself. So along went Jack. Gabe and I had big plans. We were going to go somewhere special and eat out. What did we do?
We ate pizza, rented "The Golden Compass" and made this.

I read about the "Fast Food Fix" cookbook at Amy's website and immediately put it on hold at the library. This was the Dairy Queen Earthquake recipe. You were supposed to use low fat everything but we didn't. It is just as fattening as Dairy Queen. It was awesome.

We shared it on the couch while we watched the movie.

It was such a peaceful night. After Gabe headed for bed, I watched 27 Dresses. It was a really cute movie but definitely a chick flick. Hubby would have hated it. He would have probably slept through it.

The plan for Sunday was for me to work in the children's department at the 10am service and them Jim could show up for the 11:30am service and we would sit through it together. But...
my mom called on Saturday night and said, "Doesn't Gabe have a piano recital tomorrow afternoon?" I had totally forgotten and Gabe forgot too. Can you imagine?
So I worked the 10am service and then we left to grab some lunch and get ready for the recital.
Jack and Maci Clare needed a nap when we got there so they were terrible. Piano recitals are so quiet and Jim took the 3 little kids to the playground instead of keeping them in the church. When it was time for Gabe to play, he came in and watched and then went back to the playground. This is a short video of Gabe playing. ( I am posting this mostly for my in laws because who else would want to listen to a piano recital.) The video is bad because I was standing and holding a squirming 2 year old.

You can see my grandma's white head close to the front.

When we were finally home, we made pizza (again!) for supper. Gabe and I decided to share our great dessert so we made it again. And we watched "Mr.Magorium's Wonder Emporium". The kids really liked it. I only watched the first part of it. Our busy-ness is about to come to a screeching halt (We hope!). Summer is almost here. 9 more full days of school and 3 half days. The kids are counting them down. (And secretly I am too!)


Windy said...

I enjoyed the recital video:) Good job! You should have posted the earthquake recipe for us.
Did everyone have fun on their camping trip?
I am counting down the last days of school too, but I hate to think that it just means they will all be a grade older and it makes me sad that time flies by so fast and they grow so fast too.