Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh What A Night! (And Day!)

For Mother's Day, my wonderful husband gave me a night away from him and the kids. He booked a room at the Westin Poinsett in downtown Greenville. Oh my goodness, was that the perfect gift or what?
I left home around 5:00 and made a pit stop at Applebee's to see one of my friends. After spending some time with her, I arrived at the hotel about 7:30.

This is what my room looked like when I walked in.

Doesn't this King Size Bed look inviting?

There was even a white robe hanging in the closet for me.

Jim decided to meet me downtown and eat dinner. So after hustling to find a last minute babysitter (we had actually tried to get someone for a week with no luck) we did manage to get a teenage girl to come and keep the kids for us.
Anyway we went to Soby's. Expensive but well worth the money. I had Hickory Smoked Grilled Salmon with crawfish slaw and grits cakes with pimento cheese hushpuppies. It was fabulous. After we ate, we went to my room and hung out for 30 minutes. Then we met my brother and his girlfriend at Connelley's. We sat and talked a while and then Jim decided it was time for him to leave.
Bye Bye, Sweet Hubby! Have a great night!

We sat and talked for a little while longer and then my bro walked me back to the hotel and we said goodbye. I took a long, hot, steaming bath and headed for the big King size bed. It was glorious. Can't you tell by the look on my face how much I loved being there?

Last night was the best sleep I've had in a long time.
This morning, I got up took a shower, packed up, and headed out but not before I had a big cup of Starbuck's coffee.

I headed out and put my luggage in the car and spent the whole morning exploring downtown Greenville. It was great. On Saturday mornings, they have the Saturday Market on the street. I looked at several booths and then decided to buy a few peaches to carry home.
These guys were playing music and I snapped the picture because the guy playing the guitar has a daughter that goes to my boys' school. I thought that was pretty cool to see someone you "know" entertaining on the street.

My next stop was Mast General Store. This is one of our favorite stores to visit because of this.
There are barrels and barrels of "old school" candy. My kids love to go there. So I bought them several things, including some Victory Candy Cigarettes. Just like the 1970's. They even have the red tip on the end. The kids think they are so cool.
I also love the pottery and vintage toys and clothes. It is just a cool store. I love this display of Fiesta Ware.

After a quick stop at The Clothing Warehouse for a few jelly bracelets,

I headed to The Atlanta Bread Company for a bowl of French Onion Soup and a chicken salad sandwich.

After lunch, I walked to Falls Park on the Reedy River. It was such a beautiful day. Here is the view, I saw from the bridge.
There were Canadian geese swimming in the river. Two of them had babies but you can't see them in the picture.

I walked back to my car and I sadly said, "Goodbye" to downtown. But on a happier note, I headed to Target. What's a trip to Greenville without a visit to Target? I loved being at Target without wrestling kids today. I bought quite a few items of clothing for myself. And I even got to try them on. Can you believe it? I made a few more stops (Off Broadway Shoes, Ross Dress for Less, Bed Bath and Beyond, Old Navy, and Wal-Mart) and then headed for Little Caesars for pizza and home. I had a wonderful time but I did miss my kids and especially my awesome husband. Thanks you so much for the great, awesome, wonderful, fabulous, thoughtful Mother's Day gift! I love you, Jim!


The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Sounds like you had an incredible time. What a great Mother's Day gift! Make me even more ready to get out of town.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. What a thoughtful husband (and a great son!)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention how great your pictures were. Jim told me about them before I saw them--but he's right--they do look professional!

chelle's winks said...

What a cool gift! I love downtown Greenville.....

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting! I'd like to do it sometime.

Karen_thrifty said...

Awwwwww! That is so sweet! I bet you feel like a new woman.