Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What Doesn't Work For Me!

Another edition of Works For Me Wednesday, only this time it is what doesn't work for me. And this is what doesn't work for me.

My back door that opens up to my deck and my lovely (but muddy because of the new pool that is going in) back yard has no screen. It is driving me crazy. Last year, my hubby went to Lowe's and came home with a retractable screen door. He half way installed it and something was wrong and it was never right. The kids and dog have broken it so still no screen door. I like to leave the door open so I can let the Spring weather in and I can hear the kids in the back yard. But the flies are taking over our house. Jack has lost our fly swatter and now we can't even swat them. So that is what doesn't work for me. (If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.)


Windy said...

I have the same problem with our french doors. I will let you know what brilliant plan I come up with and you can do the same:)

Sarah said...
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