Thursday, May 15, 2008

They're Back!

My braces are back. But that is not the most eventful thing that happened today. Do you have a minute? Let me just tell you about my day. I'm going to start at the beginning ( a very good place to start).

I left my house this morning at 9:00 (my appointment was at 10 and it takes me about an hour to get there). So I was about 3 minutes from Dr. Hunt's office and that is when it happened. I was driving along minding my own business, going the speed limit, and on the right sight of the road. I saw two Spanish speaking males walking on the opposite side of the road toward me. As I got a little closer, I saw a dog dart out of a driveway, barking wildly. The two guys take off running. But they do not run down the sidewalk. NO!!! That would make too much sense. They bolt into the middle of the road. They did not look at the road and I braced myself for the impact and slammed on brakes. (My hubby always tells me not to swerve to miss an animal and I briefly wondered if that applies to people too.) Just as that thought crossed my mind, BAM! One of the men ran right into the side of my car. He never even saw me until he hit me. I kept driving and looked in my rearview mirror. He was standing in the middle of the road. I thought that was a good sign but I immediately picked up my cell phone and dialed my hubby at work. As soon as he answered the phone, I said, "I just hit a Mexican." He said, " What? How did you manage that?" So I told him the story. He calmly (someone had to be) told me to keep him on the line and go back and ask the guy if he was okay. I turned around and saw the two guys walking down the sidewalk. I pulled over and rolled down my window and asked if he was okay. He got the look. You know the one. The smile and nod of misunderstanding. They did not speak English and they kept walking. I assumed everything was fine and went to my appointment. When I got there, my whole body begin to shake. I told the ladies in the office what happened and they said "Forget about it." I couldn't. I called the city and told the lady what happened. She asked me, "Where?". I told her. She said, "Call the county." I did. No one answered. So after 2 hours of enduring the re-installment of the braces, I made my way to the Detention Center. I told the cop/detective what happened and he started laughing. Can you believe that? He laughed and told me not to worry about it. So I am safely home and trying not to worry about it. What a day! That could have been disaster. So hopefully, this guy learned a lesson. DO NOT RUN OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD ON A BUSY STREET. You would think people would learn that as a child. I am thanking my good Lord tonight because it could have been a lot worse than it turned out.


chelle's winks said...

Tami...what a day. You were HE was lucky!

What's up the braces?

MoM of 2 said...

Ok- I am sitting here dying laughing- I can just hear the conversation between you and Jim now- I would love to hear his comments about what happened!! Missed you at church today- I had to work the late service so I don't know who was there or not! Have a good week! Summer's almost here!!!!