Friday, September 17, 2010

We Had A Blast

Back at the beginning of the summer, I was emailed some information about hosting a Kung Zhu party. I told them I would do it and so after 2 months of my kids patiently waiting we had the party. We invited our closest friends, bought pizza, and had Kung Zhu battles. The kids had a blast. (3 of the children that attended are not pictured in any of these pictures.)It took them a long time to get the arena and all the tracks together. (I'm not sure they ever got it all set up.) But it didn't stop the battle.
These little hamsters are hilarious. The things they can do are amazing!
At one point, Jack was all alone still playing. Everyone else bolted into the kitchen for pizza. Jack would much rather play than eat. I'm sure that we will have many battles to come.
Thanks MomSelect and bsmedia for this great opportunity!!!!


Michelle said...

looks like lots of fun!
Missed reading about you and your family~congrats on the one on the way!