Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One On The Way

I really had good intentions for my poor neglected blog but life gets in the way. With all 4 kids in school this year at 3 different schools the running has increased dramatically. Gabe started youth group this year at our church (which is 45 minutes away). Zane is playing football and practices or plays 3 nights a week and sometimes on Saturday. Jack is just exhausted from his all day at Kindergarten. And Maci Clare is just her usual energized self everyday.
With another baby on the way, this has been an exhausting 6 months.
So there you have my excuses.

With that being said, here are some highlights of summer.Jack finished up his first season of t-ball. He loved it and actually learned to hit with no tee. So way to go, Jack.
My dad got the chance to baptize Gabe and Zane. We all tailgated while everyone was baptized. It was fun.
In June, we took a road trip to Iowa and got to visit with our Mid-Western cousins. They are just as silly as my own children. Maybe that's why they get along so well.
On our roadtrip, we stopped for a night in Indiana. Jim had to work a little so the kids and I killed some time at a zoo.

After we left the zoo, we stopped at Marengo Cave in Kentucky. It was really cool. Jack bought a stuffed bat while we were there.
The Cub Scout camp out was at Lake Greenwood in July. All the boys went and left the girls at home. They had a great trip but it was really hot.Maci Clare played her first game of putt-putt.
Jack made his first hole in one. We took a trip to Myrtle Beach for a few days.
The day before school started, we visited our zoo.

Jim built a new chicken coop for our flock. We like to refer to it as the "chicken mansion".

Jack turned in to our chicken farmer. He loves and takes care of the chickens. This is one of our smaller hens. Right after I shot this picture, it pooped down Jack's leg. That is what he remembers most.
Jim found this 45 inch rattlesnake on our front walk on a Sunday morning. He killed him and they skinned him. He had 12 rattlers.
My nephew, Luke was here for a visit from Virginia Beach and he even got in on the rattlesnake action.My doctor asked me if Jim was like Grizzly Adams or something. What do you think? Does he look like Grizzly Adams? Nah, just Chris Daughtry.And last, I am 6 months pregnant with another baby boy! Hopefully I will find the time to keep up with the blog more in the next few months.


Marian said...

Aww....the pregnant picture makes me happy/sad ~ so happy for #5 but so sad that I'm not closer. Bought a new camera so I'm ready for another birth (this time my battery will be ready to go!) What a fun summer! I love those sweet little nephews & that adorable little niece.

Mama Belle said...

Aww ... congratulations! You're cute.

Wondered where you'd been, but you've been definitely busy.