Friday, January 13, 2012


Really?! The last time I posted was Sept, 2010. Unbelievable. I'm back and here's what has happened. In case you are not my friend on FB. Here it goes:
Dec. 2010- Ezekiel Asher Sickels was born. ZEKE!
Jan. 2011-Huge snow in SC and kids were out of school for a week (just after a two week Christmas break)
March 2011- I turned 41. Yes 41 with an infant.
June-2011- Summer Vacation Begins
July 2011- The longest football season ever begins.
August 2011- Beach (need I say more)
September 2011- School starts back
November 2011-Palmetto State Championship won and now on to All-stars.
Dec. 10- Lost the State Championship All Star game
Dec. 15-Zeke turns one and a new household project is started. New hardwoods in the downstairs (1000 square feet)
Dec. 2011-Christmas once again
Jan. 2012- I started Graduate School
Now hopefully that catches everyone up. Maybe there will be pictures and maybe there won't. I hope that this is not a temporary thing but I can't promise anything. We will just see.
New blog about my school adventure here


Julie said...

That was certainly a very long break between writing! lol Motherhood leaves little time for the "small" stuff! lol

Good to see you writing again!

I would love to follow you on Facebook!!!

I also facebook . . . julie batterton price is where you can find me or through the blog

Also, not sure if you saw that I have a new blog . . . and would love to have you catch up with our family!

Windy said...

Girl, I just wrote a lame less than 15 word post on my blog! Was thinking of doing a year in review like you did, but didn't want to get carried away. Good to see you back, still not sure if I'm going to keep it up or not.

Mama Belle said...

I wondered where you went.