Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yard Sale

I decided to hit a few yard sales Saturday morning. I hit the jackpot at several.
Here's what I bought.

Pair of Old Navy Diva Jeans $1
Pair of Old Navy Boot cut Jeans $1
Pair of khaki Banana Republic pants .50
Pair of Ann Taylor The Loft trouser jeans .50
Pair of Liz & Co. jeans $1
Pair of navy blue sweats (not pictured because I was wearing them) $1

White long sleeve Mossimo T shirt (not pictured because I was wearing it) .50
Rue 21 Khaki jacket .25
Anna Black and gray striped sweater $1
Old Navy brown Sweater $1 White long sleeve Old Navy polo type shirt .50
Peach cami .25
Brown bikini top .25 (I'll explain the bikini top in a just a minute)
White short sleeve Old Navy top $1
All three of these bags were $1. The pink one will be my mom's Mother's Day gift bag ( I hope she doesn't see this post before Mother's Day). Maci Clare got a few things too.brown pants and cute top with flowers $2
Jumper with diaper cover $1
Pink Carter's dress with Diaper cover $1white sandals .50
Polka dot wedgies $1
Now back to the bikini top. If you remember last year, at the end of the summer, I bought several bathing suit bottoms at JC Penney for $1.97 each. Look here if you don't remember. So anyway, I never found tops to match of them. Well, today I found the tops for them. And the price was too good.

I spent a total of $16.75 for everything. You just can't beat a yard sale.


Anonymous said...

Some day I'm going to do yard sales! It's always fun when I do. At the Tea a couple of Junior class kids read a skit about a "Yard Sale Momma". I was really cute. Have a good day. Love

Marian said...

I also went to some yard sales yesterday but I did not have quite as much luck as you!!! I'm jealous about all those clothes you found~My only good deal was a covered type wardrobe to store some of our clothes in the basement for $2.50 but that's it!!! It's great when you hit the jackpot!

Michelle said...

wow...those are really good finds! I love to hit the yard sales too!