Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Publix and Bilo I Heart You!

Last night when Jim came in from work, I headed out and tried to do a little grocery shopping. We are watching every cent because our goal for summer is to take a vacation with all cash. That means food, lodging, transportation, etc. Also, we are working on a fence for the pool and remodeling our bathroom. So we are trying to spend the least amount possible every week. So with that being said, I headed to my two favorite grocery hot spots, Publix and Bilo.
Here is the deal:
I went to Publix first.

Do you think I got enough cereal?Jack and Maci Clare are in the background and Jack kept saying, "Whoa, that's a lot of stuff."
Some highlights of my trip are the Post Trail Mix Crunch for 10 cents a box. Also the pineapples were 1.74 each. Cheaper than even Sam's Club prices which usually has the lowest. The bread was the 1cent item.
My total was $73.33 My OOP was $33.33

At Bilo, I had just a few things I wanted to get. I love when Bilo does the Meal Deal thing. You buy one item that will be your main dish and you get drinks, side dishes, and dessert for free. This week it was a Family Size Stouffer's Lasagna for $9.99. You got Coles' Breadsticks, Mrs. Smith's cobbler, Southern Home Whipped Topping, and a 6 pack of Coke for free. They also let you use coupons on the free stuff. Wise Cheese puffs were B1G1 and I had 50 cents off 1 coupons.

My total was $12.98
My OOP was $10.08

Today, Maci Clare and I had to go get the oil changed in my car and we decided to make one more trip to Publix before this sale ends. So we bought 2 more of those Nabisco Multi pack cookies/crackers, 1 box of Froot Loops, 1 box of Corn Pops, 4 cans of Green Beans, and 2 cans of Spinach.

My total was $14.25
My total OOP was $10.25

I also made one more trip to Bilo for more cheese puffs and the meal deal again. I also had to get a can of Rotel for a recipe that I am going to make this week.

My total was $18.23
My total OOP was $10.10

So in two days, I saved $55.03. I HEART COUPONS and the stores that double them. They make it that much easier to meet our financial goals.


Michelle said...

I'm so jealous to those of you who are so good at this.

Great deals...I'm sure your shopping savings will have you off on a cash vacation in no time:)