Friday, May 1, 2009

Bloggy Slacker

That is exactly what I am lately. We have been so busy I hardly have time for anything. So my blog has suffered. Last night we celebrated my mom's birthday at Olive Garden. (Happy Birthday, Mom!). Thanks to Marian and Brent we used the gift card that they gave us for Christmas for the second time and our meal was pretty cheap. (Thank you, Brent and Marian!) Anyway, my youngest brother, Chris, told me I have been letting my fans down. LOL So Chris, this post is for you.
My printer is messed up (The HP we just bought a couple of months ago is a piece of crap) and so it is very frustrating for the me because I love to print coupons and they are always there to print. But I can't so I have stayed off the computer.
While I have been off the computer, a lot is getting done around here. My house is actually staying pretty clean. My small garden has been mostly planted ( just need to add a few more plants). And my chickens are being well cared for. We have 3 survivors. We have moved them from the Rubbermaid box to a big dog cage. I think they like it a lot better because they can see us coming. Lucy is the protector. She lays by the cage and looks at the chicks. When we were moving them yesterday, I went in the house to get something and I when I returned this is what I saw. I hope none of our neighbors drove by. This weekend we will work on building a coop and cage for them. No, I will not have cage free eggs because I am not going to allow chickens running around my yard. We would have no plants left and probably no chickens left when the foxes, raccoons, coyotes, hawks, and many other mountain animals got finished with them. So the cage is going up.
On another note, I have been asked to speak at a Mother/Daughter Banquet next Friday night about Frugal Living and Saving Money. The theme for the banquet is Moms Making Ends Meet and who better to talk about that than me. I'm nervous but also excited. Even though I am a teacher I am not a very good public speaker. So keep me in your prayers as I prepare what God wants me to say to these lovely ladies.
We have started the opening process of the pool and I am ready. I don't necessarily want to swim just lay in the sun. The water is always too cold for me even in July and August. We have finally picked out the fence (it only took us a year to agree on something) and hope to have it up by the first of June. All the pieces have to be ordered. I am ready for landscaping and prettiness around the pool.
Tonight is the last fundraising supper for the bluegrass kids. I'm glad because I have stored lots of baked goods in my freezer. Now my freezer is empty for my summer bounty. Here is the basket of baked goods I am taking to the supper tonight.
We have one month left of school. I will be glad for lazy days. My kids are really ready too. It is getting harder and harder to get them up in the morning.(And me too!) We are going to make it.
Maci Clare decided yesterday that she wanted to be a rapper. I did not pose her for this picture. She crossed her arms and everything. So, watch out Queen Latifa, here she comes. She is learning several songs. If she can learn to rap "Jesus Loves Me", we will be in business.


Sandi said...

First of all don't feel bad about not's much better to be living life then just writing about it...time away from the computer is good.I get way more done too.

I'm thinking about showing my kids the pic of your kids in the cage....and telling them this will happen to them if they misbehave. :o) The problem is they look entirely too happy inside the cage.

I'll pray for your speaking engagement. I would be nervous bad I can't hear it for myself.

And as for printers....we have a Canon (and it's new) and I am tempted to say things to it that I would never say normally....if you get my drift....grrrr.

Anonymous said...

I love the cage picture!! But they don't look too unhappy. The chicks are looking good. I had to make the welcome address at a Scholarship Tea a week ago. I did do quite a lot of thinking about what to say--was nervous--but it came out okay. Love to all from Iowa.