Friday, April 3, 2009

Upcountry Museum

A few of the YAMs were asked to play last night at the Upcountry Museum in Greenville. For those of you who don't live around here, this is a history museum documenting the South Carolina Upstate's history. It is a great place to visit especially with older children. They opened a new exhibit today and the preview was last night. It was called The Dark Corner (which is a part of the upstate mountains) and it documented life in that part of the country during the Great Depression. Very interesting stuff. Anyway, Gabe played mandolin last night for 2 hours with just a little 10 minute break to go see the museum and grab a bite to eat. It was a great experience for us. Here are just a few pictures. This is Gabe's little "girlfriend". She plays guitar and most of the time bass. She is excellent on the bass and Gabe and his friends have a hard time without her.

Gabe switched instruments with Peyton (another one of the girls) to play a song called "Wild Indian" They did a little duet on this song. No one else knew the song.Here he is concentrating hard on the song he is playing.
Only 6 of them were asked to play. So it was a real honor to get to go do this. I'm sure we are in for a long road ahead with this bluegrass thing. I have started getting Gabe to teach me some of the music on the mandolin. Zane is taking private guitar. So one day we will just have a little family bluegrass band. We have to come up with a creative name though. HAHA HEE HEE!

Jim and I are headed out to Tybee Island to lay on the beach and watch the waves roll in. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I will probably be scarce the next week or so because Spring Break starts today.


Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy tybee island - i love it here!!!

Anonymous said...

hi tami, i live on wilmington island and am renting out the tybee house (to pay the mortgage!) - when my kids are done with school, i'll probably move down there! thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

p.s. your kids are adorable! mine are big now- 13 & 16 - time flies!!!

Stephanie said...

Those are great pics!!!! I am in Greenville and have never even heard of that museum...I need to get out more :)

HOpe you're having a great spring break!

Michelle said...

you have quite the talented little guy there don't you...I know you are proud.

Thanks again for the bows...I'll be sending you some stuff soon!