Thursday, April 16, 2009

Surgery Day

This morning, Maci Clare had her adenoids removed and tubes put in her ears. We had to be in Greenville at 7am. Instead of having it at the hospital we went to the new surgery center. It was very nice. In the waiting room, Maci Clare entertained all the older people that were waiting.

After they called her back for preop, she had to put a hospital gown on.And this cool hat.
She was really clowning around with her daddy until the Lortab kicked in. She is patiently waiting for the nurses to come and get her.
This was the calm before the storm. When she showed up in recovery, she was screaming her head off. We finally got to leave about 9:30 but not before she ate a popsicle.
Now we are home safe and sound, watching Dora, and eating noodles.


Marian said...

Aunt prayed for the little tyke this am...glad to hear everything went smoothly. She looks so cute in her little gown! I hope this will help with all the ear infections!

Michelle said...

So glad she made it through and is doing well. I know how stressful it probably was on you!

She looks so cute in her little gown and hat!

Welcome to the Ice House said...

Glad she's dong so well.
My son had his done 2 summers ago and it was very hard on him. His tonsils and adnoids were HUGE!

Who did her surgery? Dr Waters in Greenville did Andrews.

She sure is one cute patient!!!

Windy said...

she is so cute - glad everything went well:)