Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Addition to Our Family and Getting Things Done

No, I'm not pregnant again. We are trying our hand at raising chickens. I have always wanted to try it but it took me about a year to talk Jim into it. He says he thinks I'm crazy but secretly I think he likes the little things. We got 8 babies yesterday but 3 died this morning. So we are left with 5 and they seem to be pretty strong. We are waiting to see if they are hens or roosters. I really want a few laying hens and that is the whole reason for this. The pictures are not very good. It has been raining so we couldn't get out in the yard with them and take pics like I wanted to today. I will try to get some better ones of the five we have when it stops raining. Just call us the Chicken Farmers. Jim loves that!

We seem to have a little more time to get things done around here lately. Or maybe we are just managing our time better. I am trying to do all my grocery and household shopping one day a week. So that leaves the rest of the week for working in the house and working on projects. This weekend I went to a Ladies Spring Banquet. It was really fun. A comedian, Dennis Smith was there and he was hilarious. I laughed so hard my side was hurting. My mom bought his DVD so Jim and my dad could watch it.
Saturday, the Azalea Festival was taking place downtown. Gabe went to play bluegrass (of course) and we walked around and ate good food and just enjoyed the beautiful day. Gabe and Zane had a baseball game at 2 so I brought the two little ones home for a rest. Maci Clare slept and Jack and I planted our tomatoes. We planted two big ones and 3 grape tomatoes. We will be adding a few other veggies to our plot this year and a few herbs. We are just working on a little at a time. We went to a fish fry last night but when we got there they were out of fish so we had baked chicken instead. I was a little disappointed but we will try again next month.

Today, we went to worship and then had a celebration dinner to go to. I made my mandolin debut by playing the only song I knew, "Bile Them Cabbage Down." It was terrible but I think I'm hooked. So Gabe will be trying to teach me a few more. Maybe one day we will be on "America's Got Talent" and have some cool bluegrass name for our family band. HEEHEE By the way, doesn't Zane look cute sitting there with his big 'ol guitar. He looks so little when he is holding that thing.

This is a picture of Maci Clare wearing my comfy bedroom slippers. She loves to get in my closet and pull out my shoes. Lord knows I have enough of them. She can even walk in the high heels. It just amazes me but I thought this one was too cute because they are on the wrong feet and it looks like her feet are on backward.


The Ice House said...

I can't wait to follow your adventures in chicken farming! I keep thinking about getting chickens but I haven't made that move yet. Maybe I'll see how another beginner does before I step out on my own :-)

Windy said...

Y'all have been busy! I don't think I could do chickens, but can't wait to hear how it goes for you:) MC is adorable.

Sandi said...

I will be following your adventure with chick raising.
Our hope is too move where we can have more animals in a few years so I am gleaning all I can.

Michelle said...

OMG...I have Chicken Farmer friends...can't wait to hear these stories:) Good luck!

Cute pictures!