Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy Day and Belated Birthday

It is pouring rain today and I am making phone calls. I have been working on the bluegrass festival for weeks now and we still don't have enough volunteers. At this point (the festival is Saturday) we will have to make do with what we have and hope for the best. I guess the coordinators will have to take up the slack (unfortunately for me and my family). Anyway, in the middle of all the chaos, I didn't get a chance to post about Maci Clare's second birthday. She turned two on Monday.

My dad insisted she have a Spongebob cake (I hate Spongebob) so he gave that to her on Sunday.She started digging her fingers in the icing as soon as the box was open. This cake was actually 24 cupcakes. Really good to look at but not so good to eat. It was very messy.I couldn't get anyone to cooperate for a picture. Too many goofy faces. But Maci Clare loved the Spongebob.
I made a sheep cake. Much better than Spongebob for a second birthday. We had a little party on Monday night. My parents came and Jim's mom came via video conferencing. It was great that she got to participate even though she is miles and miles away.
I couldn't get this picture to flip but this is Maci Clare blowing out her candles. She blew them out about 6 times because we kept trying to get a picture and she was much too fast for Jim.

Jack grabbed my camera and caught this picture of my dad. It is a little fuzzy but doesn't he look like he is having a good time?

Jack was right on top of Maci Clare while she was opening all her presents so it was hard to get a good one of her.Her face looked like this as she opened every present.
Anyway, it was small and family only but we did have fun even though it was no big deal.
And after two days of partying, she was worn out. So she snuggled down in my bed with her new Dora pjs and it wasn't long before I found her like this.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Baby Girl!


Marian said...

I can't believe that little thang is 2!!! Please give her belated birthday wishes from us...been traveling a little with my mom & missed her b-day :( I love the pic of her on the table...she is such a petite cuttie pie! Love you guys!

Southerner said...

Her hair has grown so much! She looks old now. Although I also do not like Spongebob, I think that cake is really cute. And your sheep cake is adorable. Happy Birthday, Maci Claire. I would have thought it was Jack's birthday the way she had to reach in front of him to open her presents- ha, ha.

Ice House said...

Nice job on your sheep cake! Happy Birthday to you sweet 2 year old.

Sandi said...

That sheep cake is so fun. I think I might have to try that. My nine year old would live it.

Happy Birthday to yuor little one.