Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday. I am 39 years old. Only one year from 40. It seems like yesterday that I was 16 and I always thought people who were 30 were old. Well, guess what? I'm getting old.
Anyway, this morning, Maci Clare and I decided to do a little freebie shopping. And I think we did pretty good.
First we hit CVS. I had to get a prescription filled anyway. (BTW, the prescription was only $3.21, which I could not believe.) So here's what we got:

2 boxes of Glucerna Cereal
1 20 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper
1 box of Carnation Instant Breakfast
1 pkg. Super Sticky Post-its
1 small, compact Tape Dispenser with tape
1 Pentak Pen
1 pkg. of Romance Lotto Cards
Total=$21.10 OOP=$7.85 (really nothing because I used a gift card that was given to me by CVS for a new prescription.) I got $4.99 ECBs back.

Next, we went to Walgreen's. Here's how we did:2 boxes of Fiber One Granola Bars
2 boxes of Starbuck's Chocolate
1 box of envelopes
6 bars of Dove soap
1 bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care Rescue Lotion

TOTAL=$26.12 OOP=$10.55 I got $6 back in RR to use on my next order.
I am going to go back tonight and try to buy some more Starbuck's chocolates, soap, and lotion and maybe granola bars.

Yes, it did finally snow here but we only got about 1 inch. This was a very little amount compared to some places around here (right down the road from here was 3 inches or more.) So there was no school Monday. We didn't play in the snow. The kids didn't seem interested believe it or not and I didn't push it because it would have been really wet and nasty. We did, however, collect snow for my favorite winter treat. SNOW CREAM!
Maci Clare ended up with hers in a cup because she kept trying to tip the bowl up and drink out of it.
Gabe poured tons of chocolate syrup in his (and ruined it in my opinion).Jack is just being goofy!
Zane was too!
This is what it looked like outside so you see I wasn't exaggerating when I said we really didn't get that much snow. I think the kids just enjoyed the peace and rest. We also lost power for quite a while so we had lots of rest time.

I have not forgotten about the giveaway just having a hard time trying to make time to get to it. But I promise it is coming. Jim and I are going to Atlanta on Saturday afternoon and spend the night (another trip to IKEA, YAY!) So I will try to post the giveaway before I leave.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Happy birthday! Hope it's full of even more good deals ;)

PS - 50 is the new 30 so you're like 20...

Southerner said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have a good day.

Ice House said...

Happy Birthday! (and No, you're not getting old ;-) )

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...


Love the pictures of the kids and CONGRATS ON YOUR GREAT PURCHASES!

I like Sarah's thinking on age!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Looks like some good shopping.

The snow...just pretty this time...we missed out on this go round. I have to say...I hope its over now...bring on Spring! Looking forward to this weekend...we are suppose to have pretty weather!

Have fun in Atlanta!

Windy said...

Happy, happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day and a great weekend away!
PS 39 is not old - I'm right behind ya!
We did the same with our snow:)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Fun! Happy Birthday, youngster!

Marian said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET SISTER IN LAW!!! Hope you have a great day! We miss you! I'm looking at the pic of Jack and see you have something different in your an a wall organization thing. I would like to see a pic of it...looks pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Hope you already got my HAPPY BIRTHDAY message--was glad you posted some pictures of the kids--always love to see them. P