Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Call Me Martha!

That's right! As in Martha Stewart. Martha has the "cookie of the month" thing and I so did bake cookies from scratch yesterday. It just so happened that I had all the ingredients on hand to make Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Apricots and White Chocolate. Doesn't that sound complicated and impressive and oh, so Martha? And for those of you who know me and know that I only use Pillsbury Ready to Bake, I took a picture. I knew you wouldn't believe me without a picture. So there. And they are so ugly. Just like homemade cookies are supposed to be. So that's what I did yesterday afternoon.

I did make a Publix run with some great deals but I'm too lazy to post it. Just know that I had a $60 total for $40 OOP. WE took a little walk down to the horse barn by our house yesterday. The horses are our closest neighbors. So we went and played with them a little while. It was 87 degrees. Northerners, don't hate me! I'm ready to open the pool now (not to swim but just to relax by the water.)
I had some issues at Walgreen's again this morning. It seems I always have trouble there but I keep going back. They were out of the diapers that I went in to get so I decided to just use my RR on some other things. I bought the Fusion Razor and the Lysol Wipes. My total was $8.90 after coupons. I gave her my $6RR and the register wouldn't accept it. So I just said forget it and gave her a gift card. (because I knew I could use it when I go back to get the diapers and I will push it then.) So then it wouldn't take my gift card. So I just paid the cash and left. I did get another $4RR so when I go back I will have $10 and a gift card. Diapers will be free. And I will push them to use the RRs.
This weekend will be busy again. My boy is going to be on national television. They are filming an episode of Wife Swap at a local farm and the little bluegrass group that played on local tv has been asked to play. So we are headed out to that in the afternoon.
Zane won the Pinewood Derby again so he has the district Derby on Saturday morning. So another busy weekend. I should've posted about Zane but I was cheating on Blogger with Facebook and Facebook got all the attention. So I might just do a Pinewood post later this week.
Now I guess my rambling is through. Aren't you glad?
(If you made it to the end, I promise the giveaway is coming. I'll give you a hint. It is more than one thing and both of the things are things I am making. I just have to finish them. That is why I haven't posted the giveaway yet.)


Marian said...

Gabe's going big time!! I love homemade cookies...I just don't ever make them so kuddos to you! I think the uglier they are the better they taste! Wish I was close so I got eat me one!

Marian said...

Oh~I forgot to congratulate little Zane...way to go Pinewood Derby champ!

cara said...

I saw those cookies in the magazine, and I have all the ingredients to make them too! Are they good? I won't make them if they are gross! Congrats to Gabe and Zane!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Well, look at you and your fancy cookies.

Windy said...

You go, Martha! Remember, it's not about how they look, but how they taste:)

Michelle said...

I think your cookies look great...wish I had one about now!

Gabe the star!!! Congrats on the Derby win!!!

Good luck with your busy weekend!!