Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ladybug Tea Party and Free Stuff at Walgreen's

My mom bought Maci Clare a ladybug tea set last year for Christmas. Jack found it this afternoon so we had a tea party.
This set came in a picnic basket with all the normal tea set stuff plus silverware, napkins, and a tablecloth. We just spread it all out in the living room floor.
We made little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches using a medicine cup. We had cheetos and what better to serve at a ladybug tea party than...

We had fun and he even saved some for Zane and Jim.

I made a quick trip to Walgreen's and bought this:
4 Clabber Girl Baking Powders .99 cents each
2 Scotch Magic Tape Rolls $1.29each
Walgreens had coupons for Clabber girl that were 2/$1 and the tape was B1G1
So my total OOP was $1.38 and I used my gift certificate to pay for it. So it was all free to me.
I am headed to Publix and we'll see what kind of deals I can score there.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there for the tea party. I love tea parties!
Grandma S

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Love seeing the tea party . . . how cute!

Did you get the new Beth Moore study yet?

Southerner said...

Tami- I did NOT use the word hick! I didn't even think the word hick. I just know that different regions pronounce it differently and from peole from SC have heard it said that way. Not making fun of anyone- like to see how different areas pronounce it. If y'all are hicks, though, you don't have to use plates either, and can just eat right out of the pan like us.

Michelle said...

That tea party is just too cute....great pictures.