Friday, November 21, 2008

I'll Say Hi To Mickey For You

Tomorrow morning we are heading to Disney World. This has been a long awaited trip for the adults but I didn't tell my kids until about a month ago or less. I just didn't want to keep answering the question, "When are we going to Disney World?" So I just kept my mouth shut. I am excited. Anyway, I probably won't be posting for a whole week unless I can get access to a computer. (I am anxiously awaiting a laptop for Christmas.)
Maci Clare has been up since 4:30 this morning. She wanted to eat. So I gave her half a banana thinking we could go back to sleep. Oh no! It is now 6:59. Jim left for work a few minutes ago and Maci Clare is staring at The Wiggles. It is time for me to get the boys up and my day is about to get hopping.
Yesterday was Camo Day for Spirit Week at Jack's school. I thought he looked so cute that I couldn't resist sharing another picture. He even had on camo socks and belt. Maci Clare was trying to squeeze in but I wouldn't let her.
Today will be a busy day. I packed all the kids clothes last night so there is not too much left but I have a lot of little errands to run and little things to get ready. So I am off.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I will try to post while I'm gone. But I'm not promising.


Stephanie said...

Oh YIPPPEEEEEE!!!! How fun! I want to go..I want to go...can I get in your suitcase?

Have a great time!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Windy said...

I hope ya'll have a great time! Take lots of pictures!!!! And just so you know, I am jealous of you again!

Southerner said...

Y'all have fun! We bought season tickets when we lived in FL ($1200 for 7 of us for the year- we stayed free in a time share from my dad!) We got the kids up one morning and had the car already packed and just told them we were going somewhere. We were heading towards Grandpaws house so it took a while for them to realize that we were not going the exact same way. We met my dad on the road and continued on with some really excited kids! We were there the first week of December and that is when they filmed the Christmas Day parade. We saw Regis Philben, Raven, and the girl from Even Stephens and some other girls from those Disney shows. Clay Aiken was in the parade and Jump 5- a Christian band that my daughter liked. We got to be part of the crowd scene. They don't just do a parade. They have a crowd of people pretend to be excitedly watching the parade( nothing really happening!) and they will do it multiple times to get the best shot. It is all pieced together but shot at different times, not at all like you would expect- so fake!!!!! If you go to Animal kingdom buy the kid meal plan from the pizza place. If you go to the other restaurants you have to pay more for the adult meal because you get something different. At the pizza place both kid and adults get the same personal pizza, chips, a coke, and you get a voucher for a bottled water and ice cream pop cycle thing for later. We got the MM ice cream bar and ate it while watching the parade. Also, take a poncho in a pouch. Save the river rapids ride till last (and use it for the log ride at MKingdom) The water is really cold but doable. Noone wants to ride this time of year because once you get wet you freeze. We got to ride 13 times in a row before anyone was in line and waiting for a turn. We were totally soaked. This included my 69 year old dad and step mother. A couple from England got on and asked where to put their trainers. B/c of their accents(and the water in our ears) we couldn't figure out what they were saying until they pointed to their shoes. Maci Clair can shoot the boys with a water gun cannon when they come under a bridge.

Michelle said...

so cute! Have fun on your trip and take lots of pictures...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Southerner said...

Tami, a little birdie brought me a gift today! Have I ever mentioned that I have wanted this book? Or, are you a super friend and can read my mind? Thank you, thank you! I was just thinking the other day that I wanted to try to make a crock pot meal once a week starting the first of the year. I have looked at our library for this book and they don't have it. You are so sweet. Hope you are having a good time at Disney. It is so fun when it is decorated for Christmas.