Saturday, November 1, 2008

I've Been Tagged! Twice!

So Windy from A Peek At Us tagged me with this one. It is called Have You Ever? So here it goes.

1. Been on a blind date? Yes and it was not fun!
2. Skipped school? Yes, almost everyday of high school and a lot of college days and my grades will prove it.

3. Watched someone die? No
4. Been to Canada? Yes
Mexico? Yes
DC ? No
Florida? Yes and going again Thanksgiving break
Africa? No
Lost? Yes, many times
On a Plane? Yes but I hate it.

5. Swam in the Ocean? Yes, but I like to walk on the beach much better.

6. Lettered in a High School sport? Yes - Track and Chorus

7. Cried yourself to sleep? Yes

8. Played dolls? yes

9. Recently colored with Crayons? Yes, with Jack and Maci Clare. I love to color. It is very relaxing.

10. Paid for a meal with coins? Yes - all the time

And the other tag was by The Ice House and Windy at A Peek At Us. This one is list 7 facts about yourself. So here are my 7 facts:

1. I read anywhere I can. I have set books on fire by propping them on the stove and dropped books in the bathtub.
2. When my husband and I got married we ate lots of Ramen noodles and Macaroni and Cheese because I didn't know how to cook. Now I get lots of compliments on my cooking.
3. My house is very chaotic in the morning but we always seem to pull it together and make it to school on time.
4. I secretly wish that I could do various crafts all day every day.
5. I am taking a sewing class right now. I have just finished a bag and am starting on a jumper for Maci Clare.
6. I hate football (and all the boys and man do in this house is watch it.)
7. I still look at my husband and get tingly even after almost 15 years of marriage.

Now I hate to break the tagging thing but I don't think I'm going to tag anyone. If you want to play, feel free. Leave me a comment and let me know if you do.


Windy said...

The costumes were all very cute and it sounds like you had lots of fun!

Windy said...

Me again - I also awarded you the I Heart Your Blog Award!

Southerner said...

Tami! You skipped school EVERY DAY! Wasn't your dad a pastor? Were you a bad preacher kid? I am shocked! I thought you were a goody goody. To shame! You bad little girl, you.