Monday, August 25, 2008

Precious Weekends

When school starts back our weekends become so precious. We are always so busy during the week, it is nice to try (and I say try) to keep our weekends free. We don't always succeed but this was one of those weekends.
Friday night, we went to eat pizza and we tried to watch a movie. We both fell asleep.
Saturday, we headed out for garage sales. Jim never goes but he decided to ride along this time.
Usually if Jim is riding along, I don't really find anything. So I had a typical day with Jim tagging along. I only spent about $15 but there is always next week. Here are some of the things we bought.

I got all of these books + one more Halloween treats cookbook (that I can't seem to locate right now) for $6.
I got 2 pair of jean shorts (one pair is Old Navy) and the little pink skirt for .25 each.

Jim got this shirt for $1. I just think it is hilarious. But I really can't see him wearing it very often. But it is still funny.
This piece of fabric was 25 cents. I already have a plan for it.
And 3 pair of size 7 slim jeans (one is already being worn) for Zane.

We made out way toward Greenville, so we could hit Old Navy for the $12 jeans sale. We got there about 11:30am and all the kids' jeans were gone. Thank goodness I found the 3 pair for Zane at the yard sale. But I bought 2 pair and Jim bought a pair. I had a $10 gift card so we ended up with 3 pair of jeans for $26.
Then we ate at one of favorites, Taco Casa. Then we headed out to look at used cars. We are trying to buy a smaller car that just me and the kids can drive during the week. Gas is killing us in our SUV. So we did find a couple that we liked and we will probably go back later and look again.
Finally we headed home and this is what we did for supper.
We built a fire in our copper fire pot on the deck.
We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.
Even Roxie had a little hot dog. And Lucy, the dog had several.

Of course, on Sunday we headed out to church. We ate lunch with my mom and Jim and I ran to my neighbors' house for home owners' association meeting.
So our weekend was pretty uneventful but that is always a welcome change around here.

Tomorrow Jack will be going in the hospital to have his tonsils taken out. Please keep him in your prayers. He has been really sick for about 2 years and the last month has been really rough. We finally got to see the ENT and his tonsils are so bad he didn't want to wait so we are headed in tomorrow at 7:15. He does have to spend one night in the hospital. He was a real trooper today for the blood work (she stuck him several times to try to get the vein). Anyway, I'll be back Wednesday to let you know how things went. Thanks for all your prayers.


chelle said...

Good luck with the surgery...I'm keeping you both in my prayers....

Anonymous said...

Give Jack a kiss from us.  We'll be waiting to hear how he gets along. Love, hugs, and prayers.

Southerner said...

I want a Fix It and Forget It cookbook!

Praying for Jack to do well tomorrow. Tell him not to eat too much icecream.

Windy said...

We will be praying for Jack. Please let us know how he does.
I am jealous of the weekend! Maybe we will get one soon:)