Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just a Little Meltdown

We went to see Lou Graham (Foreigner) and Boston at the Bi-lo Center last night. It was just okay to me but I really don't know any Boston songs. I knew a total of 4 songs. I knew more Lou Graham songs than Boston. The friends we were with thought I was lying when I said I didn't really know the songs but I wasn't. And now I know why I don't. I need words, people. These guys (and girl) are great musicians but you can only listen to so many drum solos and guitar riffs. But I still had a LOT of fun. My friend, Cindy and I, just made fun of all the drunk people around us and laughed so hard my throat hurts today.

Anyway, our late night (12:15am) made for a pretty rough morning. I did manage to get the 2 older boys to school on time but Jack was another story. When we were ready to put his clothes on he decided the motorcycle shirt just wouldn't do. So we had to find the camo shirt with the "buck' on it. After getting dressed, we were ready to go. So I thought. No, we had to have a mohawk today. Needless to say, we were late. Only a few minutes but tonight we will lay out all clothes (with Jack's approval) and decide if we want the mohawk. Hopefully, our morning will be a bit smoother tomorrow.
By the way, it's our 14 th Anniversary. I will be posting a commemorative post later today.


chelle said...

Ahh, I remember the wrong outfit days...LOL

Happy Anniversary...special plans?

Windy said...

We used to have those days, too! I got these hanging sweater things at Big Lots for about $4 and use them for day of the week clothes. We pick outfits for the week together, and it is a rule that you can choose any outfit in the holder for any day, but only what is in the holder. That way, you know it matches and don't have to look through the hamper or drawers, or fight about it at 7am!
Happy Anniversary!

Southerner said...

I am laughing at the mohawk with the deer camo shirt. My 8 year old just came in with the front stuck straight up. Looks like he gelled it and stood against the wall a minute. He said he is working out every day so that next year he can play football and run really fast and be able to lift a lot of weights. He is our gung ho athlete.

Happy anniversary. I guess you are too old for another late nighter???