Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Easter

Easter is one of my favorite days.  Our church always has two services.  One on Saturday night and one on Sunday morning.  Even though I go to the Saturday night service, I just can't imagine not going to a worship service on Easter Sunday.  Isn't that the whole reason we worship?  So with that being said, we attended a student led Bible Study taught by one of our awesome youth and then worked the service.  We left right after the service started and came home to dye our Easter eggs.

We have so many kids we have to dye at least 2 dozen and this year I let the kids do whatever they wanted.  We mixed the colors.
 I love the rainbow of colors that Easter egg dye makes.  
     Everyone got along so well.  There was no arguing which is unbelievable especially with the two oldest.

   They all took turns with the colors they wanted.

                    They are all smiles except for Gabe who makes it a point to make a crazy face everytime I take a picture.

Jack worked really hard to draw pictures and write his name on some of his eggs with the wax crayon.  They really like to dye eggs no matter how old they get.  
Sunday morning, the kids woke up to Easter baskets filled with goodies from the Easter bunny and then we were off and running to get ready for church. 
Zeke wore his first tie and his dad had quite the time getting it on him. 
After an awesome worship service, we met my parents and brother at Outback.  
 Then we went to the nursing home to visit my grandma.
 It is always fun to hunt Easter eggs outside the nursing homes. 
 Doesn't jack look thrilled?
 The older kids went outside and hid the eggs and the little kids hunted.
 There was a lot of help given.

 And the older boys were acting goofy and making MaMa laugh.

 Then we posed for a couple of group pictures.

 Zeke dumped his Nerds on the ground and when I asked him what he was eating, my grandma told me he was eating gravel.  HAHAHA  I think this look at her says it all. 
I hope your Easter was a great as ours.  I am so blessed and especially thankful that we still get to spend time with my grandma.