Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Did Promise Pics

 Earlier I said I would post pics of what I was doing today.  Well, we ended the day outside.  Even though it was chilly, it was the first day of Spring.  We couldn't resist.  We needed the fresh air and sunshine.  After 10 days of YUCK, we needed to be outside.  So...

Jack caught tadpoles out of the pool.  Maci Clare wasn't happy because I wouldn't let her go in the pool fence.  So no pics of her.

Gabe played basketball.  I think Zane must have been in the woods.  No pics of him either.

Zeke was hauling dirt in the big red car. 

What's a day outside without giving the girls a little treat?

A little opening where the chicken wire is pulling away makes for easy feeding

Zeke likes to tease them a little by holding the treat just out of their reach.  Usually they will peck it right out of his hand.

Gotta check for eggs.  (He had already brought me several.)

Couldn't resist this pic of  one of my black chickens.  Not sure if you can see but she has green in her feathers.  So pretty!

Great day to play in the playhouse too. 

I had to make them come in to eat and then they were right back out.  The strange thing was that Lucy the dog stayed inside all afternoon.  I guess she didn't want the kids infringing on her territory.  No pics of her though.  She is very camera shy.
The rest of my week will be spent planning a last minute Snow White birthday party.  We are not having a huge party.  Just a couple of school friends and that is it.  We are keeping it simple.