Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Random Things

I have been working on a paper for school non-stop for the last week and a half and it is finally finished. I just have to proofread and drop it in the dropbox this afternoon. I have only grabbed my camera to snap a few pictures lately but I thought I would share some of my favorites.

Last night the kids were playing with Bey Blades and I thought it was just too cute so I had to snap a few.
All of them were gathered around, even Zeke. Doesn't he look excited to be in the middle of the chaos? (Maci Clare had just finished her shower and couldn't even get dried off and put her clothes on so that is why she is sitting there in a towel.)

Back in December I ordered a Plum District deal for a canvas and this is the picture I chose. It is going in my hall bathroom after we get it painted. Just have to decide on paint colors. I love this picture.

Maci Clare's friend, Lynnlee, had a Princess party on Saturday. Of course, she had to dress in her royal attire and attend. It was really fun. And short. I love short birthday parties. Thanks, Lynnlee for inviting us.
Valentine's Day was a quiet affair at our house. We don't really celebrate Valentine's except for the parties they have at school. I did get some Brownie Pops made and Zeke loved them. Of course, they are really messy for a one year old. Jim said he looked like he had a soul patch. He wasn't very happy to be held but I did get the picture.
As soon as Zane put him down, he ran. (Don't look at the mess all around him.)

Just a few highlights from the last week or so.
Everyone is well at the moment (which is really saying something in this family).
Jim and I are headed for a weekend alone in the mountains. Can't wait.
For now, I'm off to do 2 article critiques for school. Hopefully I can get it done so this weekend can be about us instead of school. We really need a break from the kids for a while.