Friday, February 10, 2012


It just seems to fly by. Time, that is! I just can't seem to keep up with the blogging. I promise I am trying. The 5th kid has really put a kink in my scheduling and time management skills. Not to mention the grad school thing. Grad School! Very time consuming. I am barely keeping up with all the reading not to mention the writing. It seems just when I think I am ahead, I fall behind again. A friend is keeping Zeke one day a week (really just to play with her grandbaby) for a couple of hours so I can catch up on school work.
I always think about cool posts and pictures I should be taking but it seems it never gets done. Oh well, I will keep plugging along and maybe one day there will be time to blog.

Just a prayer request for all my praying friends. My best friend's niece was killed last Thursday afternoon. She was 7 years old and playing at a neighbor's house. She stepped into the road to go home and a car hit her. Please remember this family. I know we need to pray for their strength and peace but I just can't imagine ever having peace if I lost one of my children. I know that God is all knowing and in control so that gives us some kind of hope that there is a reason for her death. One good reason was that 3 people accepted Jesus at the funeral.
On a happier note, my son, Zane has started a Bible Study group on the playground. They do a five minute "devotion" and last Friday he got the chance to pray with someone his own age who accepted Jesus.


Windy said...

Sweet about Zane :) Heard about that family last week, praying for them.
I planned to blog at least twice a week - did it once this week. I'm with you, can't figure out where the time goes!