Friday, July 10, 2009

We Appreciate You, Cows!

We celebrated Cow Appreciation Day for the 2nd year in a row. We had a lot of fun and it was all free. I couldn't get any pics at Chicfila because the big cow was walking around so Maci Clare was terrified and wouldn't get out of my lap. There were a couple of families dressed up and getting free food. Lots of teenagers and college age kids. It was fun and we will do it again next year.

On a more exciting note, the Cricut is AWESOME! Here are some of my projects:
I found these cute reusable mesh bags at Dollar Tree. They come 4 to a pack and when I bought them I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but this is it. I put names on each one and we are using them to transport clothes and towels. Then you can put the wet clothes and towel back in them to bring them home.
This is what they look like with clothes and towels in them. All ready to go. I am also going to get some of them and lablel them to use as reusable produce bags at the grocery store. I can probably think of some other uses but right now this is what I am going with.

I also did this on my bedroom wall (over the bed)I love vinyl letters and this was perfect for my bedroom. I will definitely be making some more letters and things to put on the wall.

And these are my favorite.Paper Dolls! I can see Maci Clare and I (and the boys, too! But they won't tell you that.LOL) having hours of fun with these things. I also have lots of shirt making plans for these things.

I just can't get enough. We used the Cricut this year to make our 4th of July tshirts but I will post them later. (I forgot to take pictures so i have to get them on the kids again.)

And I don't know if you remember my creature post here. But here is our latest creature.
A beautiful king snake. Of course the snake was not very happy as Jim was trying to stretch him out for us to see. And he was very strong. Everyone got to touch him and then he was released in the woods behind our house.
I will do a post soon to show you what we did 4th of July weekend. It was a really fun experience especially for the two older boys. So hopefully I can get that up in the next couple of days.


casey said...

i was wanting to dress up like a cow for some free chicken, but i just didn't think creatively like that! anywho, i hope you are well! I'm finally updating my blog some, mostly w/ arts and crafts stuff. I'm going to try to keep up really nicely w/ it, and post stuff with my son. Anyways!! HAve a great week!!

Julie said...

Hey Tami,
The cost of Chimney Rock is:
Adults - $14.00
Children 6 and up - $6.00
Children 5 and under - FREE

If you decide you like going there and want to make several trips you can upgrade your tickets to an annual pass.You can choose to upgrade the day you are there or you can hang on to your receipt and you have up to 30 days to upgrade if you send in your receipt and the additional money.

To upgrade to an annual pass it is:
Adults $11.00 each
Children $4.00 each

We've decided to get an annual pass since the children REALLY enjoyed going. Oh, if you get an annual pass, you can use it towards discounts at Carowinds, Biltmore Estates, Tweetsie Railroad, Grandfather Mountain, WNC Nature Center, Dollywood and Dollywood Splash Mountain plus other discounts.

Hope the info helps :-)

Ashley said...

I want a cricut soooo bad! Christmas can't come soon enough! I love all the stuff you made with it! Soooo.....jealous about the Chic-Fil-A....the closest one to us is more than 50 miles away :( I've emailed Chic-Fil-A a few times begging for them to put one here ;)

Southerner said...

Yoo hoo, where are you?
Are you going to show your light fixture? That was a fabulous find. Missed you lately, hope all is well.

Stephanie said...

I saw your comment on my going back to school post...all the sudden it hit me how close we are to each other. So when you are alone and suffering we'll be close enough to grab a cup of coffee or something :) of course I'll still have two but hey at least you won't be alone :)

Love those cow outfits!