Friday, July 3, 2009

Highlights of June

We have had a fun and busy summer (by choice, of course). I thought I would share some highlights since I haven't been posting very much lately.
At the first of June, I posted about Vacation Bible School at my dad's church. It was a blast. The last night there was even a big inflatable slide and a cute program performed by all the kids who had attended all week. Here is a picture of Jack and Maci Clare (not really performing more like just standing).Jack is in the brown John Deere shirt and camo shorts and Maci Clare is in the pink hat on the front row.

We started the summer off with a back yard campout. All the kids were inside by 11:45pm claiming to have heard a bear in the woods.

We have been to several of our library programs this summer. My kids are just reading, reading, reading. We are finishing (me included) 2 or 3 books every week or so. Their teachers would be proud. We attended the Mad Science program(geared more for the bigger kids), a marionette show (awesome for all ages), and a magic show (we love Tim Sonefelt).

We have been in the pool almost everyday. I love it. Jim has now put in the fence and added the solar lighting. It has been so much fun to spend time with the kids and their friends out there. Especially when it is 100 degrees outside.

My inlaws came from Iowa and spent a weekend. It was great but I didn't take one picture. I hope my MIL decides to share some of hers with me. (Hint! Hint!)

Jim and I went to an awesome 80's concert. Can you guess who it is? 38 SpecialREO Speedwagon
and Styx!
We went with our great, awesome friends.
This is me and my friend, Melonee. We wanted Cindy in the picture too but she was too busy talking on her cell phone. You can only see half of her.

This is Cindy's husband, Doug, and Melonee's husband, Brad.
And Jim and Brad are rocking out! BTW, we traveled to this concert in a mini van. That just struck me as hilarious. You know you are getting old when you go see a concert in a minivan. It was so hot! But we had a blast!
We finally have a chicken coop, otherwise known as a chicken tractor because it is movable. The chickies are happy and now I am waiting patiently for the laying to begin. We really are enjoying our chickens. I will be buying a few more soon.

And Finally! Last but certainly not least! I got what I have wanted for the last 6 months. TADA!
The CRICUT Expressions! I am in love with this machine. I can't wait to show you some of the things I have made with this thing. This is the best money I have spent in a long time. If you are thinking about buying one, DO IT!
So there you have it! Our favorite things from June. I hope that I will find a little more time to post some of the things we are doing and some of the projects we are working on. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Independence Day.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed you posts. I'll share pictures!!! (Don't know it I got good ones) Love you all. P

Marian said...

Love all the summer pics!! The pool fence looks really good. I know you guys have enjoyed that this summer! Looking forward to seeing your mom & dad in a couple of days!

Marian said...

Oh yeah, I forget to say that the chicks have a "sweet" home! Tess would love watching them!

Mama Belle said...

Sounds like you're having a great summer! 38 Special ... haven't heard that name in a while. Fun!

the Nebraskans said...

a minivan?? least I hope there was a keg in the back!!@