Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Frugal Teacher Gifts

I always give our teachers something at the end of the year and this year is no different. Tomorrow is the last day of school and I have been using all of my brain power to try to come up with a frugal but nice teacher gift. This is going to sound really unappreciative but I really hated to get Dollar Store Junk that I couldn't or wouldn't use. You can only sit so many #1 Teacher trinkets around your classroom and I really didn't want them overflowing into my house. With that being said, I really like to get a teacher a gift that he or she will use or enjoy. I usually get gift certificates to Bath and Body but I just haven't had time to go to Greenville. So this is what I came up with.

I bought Dollar Tree crap and made it better. The pots were these ugly yellow terra cotta pots with big ugly flowers painted on them. I spray painted them black and hot glued the pink and black ribbon on them. This morning, I found the flowers (Begonias) at the flea market for a dollar each. And the other is Amish Friendship Bread made with chocolate pudding and chocolate chips wrapped in aluminum foil and tied with twine. They will also get a handwritten thank you note from Gabe and Zane. Who doesn't love Chocolate and flowers? And it was a lot cheaper than gift certificates.


The Ice House said...

What pretty and sweet gifts!Clever of you to doctor up Dollar Store finds! I'm just not that creative.

This year I made homemade strawberry preserves. At $1.80 per jar it was a frugal and yummy end of the year gift. Oh, for Christmas, we gave all the teachers 1 lb of pecan halves we gathered from our pecan tree and a bag of Spritz cookies. I think teaches like things that don't sit around forever and create clutter.

Marian said...

Love those gifts! Great thinking about painting over them. Yes Brent thought we were gone way to long!! And yeah I am sad too that Tess doesn't get to hang out with her SC cousins...she loves playing with older kids (she would probably follow the gang around everywhere !!)