Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fishing Rodeo

Our local DNR sponsors a fishing rodeo every year. Saturday was the day. We met 2 other families and headed out about 7:45am on Saturday morning. When we arrived there was a long line to stand in but it moved really fast. The kids were so excited they didn't care.
They gave every child a brand new Zebco Rod and Reel and a reusable bag full of goodies (stringers, book covers, candy, etc.). Then we had to fill out post cards to fill out for random door prize drawings. As soon as we had our rods we headed to the tent to get bait and have the boy scouts put on the hook and sinker.
This is Jack waiting patiently for his rod to be put together. He is holding a cup of corn but you can't see it.

The big boys took off with their friends to fish. But Jack and Jim stayed right there together to see if they could catch something. And they did. Jack was so excited.

Maci Clare and my mom hung out with her friend Caleb and his mom. They didn't get much fishing done but they sure had a good time chasing each other around.
After fishing for about an hour and a half, we headed back up to have a hot dog. Everything was free. We ate hot dogs, chips and any kind of drink you wanted. Then Pet Dairy was out there giving away ice cream. I want even tell you how much ice cream we ate. Especially me and Maci Clare. We headed home about 12:30 with 4 new fishing rods, 4 goodie bags full of stuff, and full bellies from all the free food. So this was a completely free morning and we had a great time.


Michelle said...

wow...that sounds like some good fun. Kyle would have loved, hot dogs, and ice cream...those are his favorite things!!!

Windy said...

call us next year! my kids would love that:) love the boys shirts for school, congrats on all their accomplishments for the year!

Southerner said...

Some of the sewing projects have a link if you click on the words below the photo. I got tired of linking and just added the photo to some of them. If you have one you want a link to let me know. They are all online. The shirt is done without a pattern, you measure yourself and make it that way.