Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

We had a great time last night even in the rain. We got the kids ready and tried to get a few pictures before we left. I never got one of the 4 of them together. We usually get pictures on the porch but it was raining so that kind of messed things up. But at least I got individual ones.Gabe was a football player. That was easy enough since he played football this year. He decided not to wear his cleats so that was all he left out of his uniform.

Zane was Harry Potter. This one was a little trickier. I couldn't find a Harry Potter costume so I had to piece it all together. The robe came from Craigslist. I made the tie. Jim popped the lens out of a pair of his old glasses. The broom came from Hobby Lobby. I painted the scar with lipstick. So we did end up pulling it off but not very easily.
Jack was Darth Vader. I bought his costume at Walmart and we already had the light saber. He did not want to cooperate. He didn't like the mask and he really wasn't thrilled about Trick or Treating. Maci Clare's costume ended up being my favorite. The plan was for her to be an elephant but I found this flower costume in her closet. I bought it last year and forgot that I bought until I was pulling out her costume to get her dressed.

We left our house and went to the nursing home to see my grandma. We got there pretty early. The older people really liked the kids. They had candy to give to the kids and we left some for them too.This is a picture of my grandma putting candy in Maci Clare's bag. I love this picture.
Next stop was my mom and dad's church. They had a soup supper and trick or treat. Normally it is set up outside but this year since it was raining, they set it up inside. It was great. This is our neighbor, Casey. Can you guess who he is?The Incredible Hulk
We left and went downtown to trick or treat but there wasn't much going on. So we went to one more church function and then headed home.
When we got back home we lit up our pumpkins which we had carved on Friday night but never put outside.
Gabe's is a football with his number carved in it. Jack's is the bat hanging upside down. Maci Clare's is the face. And Zane's is ... well, I'm not sure. I kept saying it looked like a evil Sonic the Hedgehog.
We had a great Halloween. The kids had a lot of fun.


Julie said...

Love your little flower! Adorable and all the costumes were great. So awesome that ya'll went to the nursing home. A very sweet thing to do.

Our pictures were from our church Trunk or Treat on Wednesday. It was lots of fun and a beautiful night. Saturday? Not so much...we got poured on, too. Makes for a good memory though, right?

Marian said...

Love the costumes! Good job on Zane's ~ he is such a good looking Harry! And the flower, well that is just too darn cute!!