Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday FUN

When I was teaching, we always had Friday FUN. So that's what I am calling my Friday posts. Before the FUN begins, we have water and normal water pressure. Until last night, we were still trying to take showers under a trickle. Boy, times like these make you appreciate the little things.
Now for the FUN. Tomorrow Bruster's Ice Cream is having Pajama Day. If you go and wear your pjs (can be just pj bottoms from what I understand), you get a free waffle cone. Guess where my family is going to be tomorrow night? All 6 of us are getting ready for bed and going to get ice cream. I think the kids will love it but not too sure about my dear hubby.
Tomorrow Zman is racing his pinewood derby car. He has worked so hard on it and it looks great. Just so happens, I have a picture. Of course it is patterned after the Grave Digger monster truck.

Gman has a piano festival so we are going to rush back after the festival and see if we can make it to see them race the car. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe he'll win.

What are your FUN plans for the weekend?