Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trip To The Flea Market

In our little town, we have a flea market that is every Wednesday morning. You can buy anything you want there. I usually stick to produce and plants. Sometimes you hit the jackpot because people bring their yard sale items out and rent a table and sell. That is my favorite. Last week I bought some really cute name brand tops and a pair of khaki capri pants for $1 each. A woman had a consignment business that she quit and she brought all her leftovers and let them go for a dollar each. Last week I also bought my tomato plants and I always get fresh eggs. You can get 30 brown double yolk eggs for $4 and 15 for $2. You can't get eggs that cheap in any grocery store especially fresh eggs.
Maci Clare and I went back this morning just to get out because the weather has been so nice. I bought another 15 eggs ( bought 30 last week and we only 4 left).
I found these cute shorts and jeans for Maci Clare. The shorts are Old Navy. I only paid $1 for both. I also bought 2 crooked neck squash plants and 2 cucumber plants. I wanted some herbs but couldn't find them cheap enough. I bought a basket of tomatoes for $2.
I bought these delicious strawberries for $2. (Jack has already eaten aobut half of this bowl). I bought two of these. I'll go back next week and see what deals will turn up. I have never been to a flea market as cool as that one. It is just as addictive as yard sales.
This is Jack's new thing. He has a campout every day. He is inside this little box of pillows sound asleep.
Gabe was chosen for Limos For Learning again this year. So he did the whole Limo ride thing again. One of his best friends got to go too.
We did go get our 50cents iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts yesterday. Jack was so funny because as soon as he tasted it he said, "I should not have got this thing."
We all agreed that they were yucky. I know that Dunkin Donuts is all the rage but I just don't like it. For my Northern Peeps, you need to come South and try Krispy Kreme and you will never do Dunkin again. I especially don't like Dunkin's coffee. Starbuck's is number one with me but McDonald's is a close second. I usually order just plain coffee from Mickey D's and it can't be beat.
On a more solemn note, we are down to 4 chickies and one of those is not very healthy. I seriously think that they were taken away from the mother chick too early. We will keep trying. I am going to get a few more in the next few days. I started to buy some at the flea market this morning but decided I would wait and get a few more free ones first. I'm determined to do this. I have them in my kitchen now under a light and beside the heat vent. Hopefully this will keep them warm enough until they are big enough to survive without the heat. I will keep you posted on my adventures in chicken farming.


Sandi said...

I LOVE a good deal. I try not to pay full price for most things.

I am with you on the coffee, Starbucks takes the cake but i do like McD's. Where I live Tim Horton's is all the rage....but i drink it cuz it's cheap :o)

Julie said...

Oh yes, it MUST me Krispy Kreme!

Michelle said...

looks like some good deals and a fun place to go!

Congrats to Gabe!

Good luck with the chicks Farmer girl:)

Oh...and only KK!!!